Yeah! I know I'm cute!
Can't wait to see everyone in Arizona!

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Aren't I the cutest thing in my Beatrix Potter outfit!

Easter Sunday. All dressed up on our way to church. Andrew was so good! He made it through the whole service without incident, even though there was a brass quartet less than 15 yards from where we were sitting.
Just hanging out on my swing:

Hi everyone. Well I am still not finished putting together an online photo album. That does not mean there are not plenty of pictures on line. In fact, I have uploaded over 1200 in the last few days. Well really it was just around 300 originals, but to make the mosaic work correctly, I ended up posting 1201 pictures. Anyway, if you want to look at some pictures, check out our slide show here:

or, visit our web mosaic here:

Click on any of the 1200 sub-pictures in the mosaic and you will be taken to the original of that picture. While it is not an easily categorized and searchable photo album, it should provide hours of fun!

Our life together. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does a thousand pictures say?

Click on the picture above for an in-depth view of the mosaic.

I am working on getting a new photo album online. Hopefully by the end of today!

Who is supposed to be taking a nap?!?!?!

Sometimes we need to just pull over and eat

Lazy afternoon drive with a break for dinner time!

I want to be fed now!

Much happier...

Time to burp!

and we are back asleep!

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Family Photo Time

G'ma & G'pa Turner come to visit!

OK, we are way behind in posting pictures. Last week Andrew got to meet his Grandma and Grandpa Turner. Here are a bunch of pictures from their visit!

More pictures coming soon

Sorry it has been so long since we have posted. Between adjusting to the new baby schedule and a big project at work, I have been very bad about getting pictures uploaded. But fear not, we have been taking lots of pictures, so I will get lots posted later today.