Tool Time

Andrew loves tools! Whenever Justin is fixing something around the house, Andrew loves to help. Here he's pretending to fix our coffee table (which isn't broken). Well, Eva just loves to chew on the tools.

Play group

My friend Beth hosted a play group for her mommy's club and invited us to come over. In the photo Andrew is playing with Andre, Beth's son. It was loads of fun! Thanks for the invite!

Many thanks!

Thank you Linda for my wonderful birthday present! I love this funky cool cosmetic bag. Gracias!!

Grandpa's birthday

It was Grandpa's birthday yesterday and we celebrated it with the family at Gma and Gpa's house. Jacob baked a boat birthday cake. yummy. Andrew spent the night playing with Jacob and Eva hung out with Michael.

Andrew playing at the mall

Hoppity Hop

Meet Chloe the Bunny.I've been wanting to make the kids some plush stuffed animals. Finally, I have put a little bunny rabbit together for Eva. It didn't turn out exactly the way I envisioned it, but I've learned a lot to make another one better. Anyway, just finished it today.

Vote for Suzie

Please help our friend and vote for Suzie! See below. - jt

Hello! It's me, Suzie Shuller with a shameless self-promotion:)

Here's the scoop: Nabisco is sponsoring an Oreo & Milk
Jingle contest. My friends and I, for a lark,
submitted an entry and, amazingly, were selected as
one of the Top Ten! This is where you come in. From
today (Aug. 24) through Sept. 4, the public gets to
vote for their favorite jingle. After the votes are
tallied, the top five groups get to go to NYC
(expenses paid!!) for the Finals. How fun is that???

So, any of you that may be so inclided are invited to
go to the Nabisco website
( and vote for our
entry. The name of our group is Ferndale Friends. As
I understand it, there is one vote allowed per day per
e-mail address. (F.Y.I The one pain-in-the-neck sort
of thing is that they do ask you to register the first
time you vote. Sorry!)

The site can be a little confusing, so here's the
procedure I would recommend:

1) Go to:

2) Click "Skip Intro" in the upper right hand corner
of the screen that comes up.

3) Click on "Vote Now" (ignore the "Watch Videos"
button. Only the "Vote Now" button plays the videos
for the semi-finalists. Like I said, very

4) Click on our Ferndale Friends video to see our fun
rendition (the picture is of us sitting at a picnic
table in the park).

5) Click the "I'm Ready to Vote" button which will
either ask you to register the first time or just
verify registration from thereafter.

6) Click "Submit".

That's it! You've now helped this theater geek get
one step closer to performing live in NYC!

If you'd like to vote once a day through Sept. 4th,
that would be sensational. If not, however,I totally
understand and appreciate any clicking/voting you can
swing. (And, hey, if you want to pass this along to
friends/neighbors/colleagues, that'd be A-OK with me!)

Thanks to all!!


Di so naur

Andrew has called dinosaurs "disonaur" and it's so darned cute that we never correct him. This is Andrew covering his eyes while there's a mean disonaur on the movie The Land Before Time.

Bibs glorious bibs!

Unfortunately I haven't had much time to sew since Eva has been born. I have a whole list of things I want to sew for the kids, but I just haven't gotten to them yet. Well, finally I niched out some time to make 2 bibs for Eva. These bibs usually take about an hour each to make, but these two bibs were created over the span of 3 days. I just sewed when I could. Anyway, Eva is modeling them. I put her on the carpet with fake play food to pose for these shots! ha ha.

Atta girl!

Eva's crawling! well, kind of. Last week she started crawling on her belly. She kind of squirms along and uses her arms, legs, and stomach to propel herself forward. It almost looks like she's swimming or something. The girl can move across the room! Although she likes the ability to move, she's still frustrated that she's not moving fast enough. If only she could catch Andrew....

Go Diego GO!

Andrew and I had a Mommy date on Sunday. I took him to the Go Diego Go Live show. What a blast! Andrew was totally mesmerized, and a wee bit scared, but totally into it. The music and dancing was really fun. In the photos Andrew is showing us his baby jaguar mask and he's wearing his rescue pack!