Easter Party

Today we went to an Easter Resurrection Party hosted by Aunt Linda and her friend Teddi Jo. There were lots of little ones there and Andrew had a blast!

Our Darling Little Andrew

Our Darling Little Eva

Andrew's birthday party

We celebrated Andrew's birthday party at the DesertBreeze Railroad Train Park. Andrew loves trains, so this was the perfect spot to have his party. Andrew, Papa, and some of the cousins are riding on the train. Andrew's cousin, Elijah, is the one swinging at the pinata.

Andrew turns 2!

These photos are from Andrew's birthday. He opened presents throughout the day, so the whole day was special. He also helped daddy bake the birthday cake!

Eva's Baby Shower

We celebrated Eva's baby shower in January. Many thanks to Linda and Polly for throwing such a wonderful party! Polly made the cake shown in the photo!

The kiddos

Here are finally some more photos of the kids. Sorry it's taken so long to get them up!