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Diapers make great toys!

It's a pretty uneventful day in the Turner house. Monday is normally cleaning day and I'm squeezing some in, but the house isn't a terrible wreck, so I'm not cleaning frantically like I normally do. So we're just hanging out. Have I ever mentioned that both of the kids like to touch hair (usually mine, but their own if I'm not available) when they drink their milk/water/etc.

Our package of diapers came in from, but before I could put them away, the kids made building blocks and stepping stones out of them. Who needs toys?

Party at the Park!

There was a Halloween party at Pecos Park yesterday. Unfortunately it was sooo hot again. I brought the kids' costumes, but we decided against putting them in the hot, padded costumes. It seems like they had lots of fun. We met Gloria and Tara there, with Riley, Ashton, and Brooke, whom incidentally, won a prize in the costume contest! The jumpy castle was probably the highlight of the day.

Friday at the Train Park

Friday evening we met my friend Jen and her two kids at the train park. Now that it's getting cooler out, we can actually venture into the park in the evenings. It was Eva's first time on the train and she loved it. The kids got to ride the train twice. Sorry didn't get any pictures of Jen and her kids...maybe next time!

Green Goo Cupcakes

Andrew totally loved making these! Often he likes to bake, but doesn't eat much of it. Certainly he enjoys candy, but he eats very little of the baked stuff. Well, not this time. He kept asking for these. The cupcakes don't photograph very well, but they look pretty cool in person. Here's how you make these little gems:

Bake standard cupcakes and let cool. (I usually make 1 dz cupcakes and put the other half of the batter in a round cake pan for a regular cake).
Put a light layer of frosting on the cupcakes.
Cut marshmallows in half. It's fun to cut them in various sizes.
Microwave frosting for 10-30 seconds (depending on your mic). You want the consistency to be slightly runny, but not soupy.
Mix in 4 drops of green food coloring to the frosting.
Place marshmallows randomly over cupcakes and then drizzle the frosting.
Goooooey fun!

Evening at the Park

Andrew, Eva, and I went to the park this evening to meet Ashton and Brooke. We got there a little early so I got a few photos of Andrew. Sorry no pictures of Eva since she was in the backpack.


Um, lunch is so good. (yawn) Oh, I just love the peas and carrots mom. (yawn) No, I'm not tired. I would like some .............zzzzzzzzz

At the center of things

You can always find Eva in the center of a mess. The girl is good at exploring! Here she is checking out what's in the pantry. If you notice, she's wearing different outfits, that's because I caught her in the pantry twice today!

Pumpkin Patch at Desert Botanical Garden

Our dear friend Keely invited us to the Pumpkin Patch at Desert Botanical Garden. She brought her adorable daughter, and Andrew's friend, Gracie. Unfortunately John had to work so he couldn't make it. Boy, it was hot today, but loads of fun for the kids. For the parents, not as much fun, since we were lugging around pumpkins all day!!! Actually, it was great to see the kids have a blast. The munchkins each got a free pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, we took a hay ride, went through a hay maze, pet animals, went through the butterfly exhibit, watched trains, and did crafts. We are exhausted!

Fun, Easy Spider to Make and Eat!

We made these little spiders at the party. All you need is an oreo cookie for the body, pretzel sticks for the legs, and gel for the face.

Fun at the Halloween Party!

Many thanks to Gloria, Ashton, and Brooke for a wonderful Halloween Party! The kids all looked so adorable in their costumes. Andrew was a dragon, but the costume is made for colder weather, so I brought a backup costume, a turtle, and he changed into that midway through the party. Eva was a bumblebee, but that costume was also so warm, that I just put her in regular clothes soon after we arrived. Oh well. Let's see, Ashton was a Pirate, Brooke was a pink poodle, the other girls were a princess and a mermaid.

Halloween Party