Eva's First Haircut

This haircut took place nearly a year ago, in March 2010. Eva had just turned 3 and her hair was getting very difficult to manage. I found out that Dolce gave free haircuts if the hair was designated to be donated to Locks of Love. First I measured the length of Eva's hair and thought that it was probably long enough. So I made the appointment, and went in more nervous than Eva. I wasn't afraid of getting the hair cut, but I was afraid of her response to it. As it turned out, she loved every minute of the experience and immediately afterward, asked when she could do it again. A winner for everyone involved!

Santa Fe 2009

About this time last year, Justin and I took a trip (sans kids) to Santa Fe, which by the way, is a very romantic city, particularly in the winter. We stayed at La Posada hotel, a historic hotel nestled in side streets just outside of Old Town. We flew into Albuquerque and then took a train to Santa Fe. We rode into town to find all the streets lined with a couple of feet of snow. Apparently we had just missed a heavy snowfall, but had arrived in time to still see and enjoy the remnants of the storm. It snowed lightly only once while we were there, the last night, the evening we walked from our casita to the hotel's restaurant, a 4 star gem with delicious food and great ambiance.

Speaking of food, just about all the food we ate was fantastic! The first location was a restaurant we've eaten at before. The owners changed, the name of the restaurant changed, and the type of food changed (now Spanish flavors), but the experience was great, all the same. On another evening we dined at Pasqual's, which was recommended by several people, and that did not disappoint! Wow!

Overall the trip was fantastic and it's fun to reminisce about it while I write this blog post. One of the things Justin and I came away with was that, as much fun as it was to be on a grown-up vacation without kids, at this point in our lives, we'd much rather spend our time/money on family vacations. Which we've recently done. We were in Disneyland last week. Pictures forthcoming!