Cake Decorating Class

It was definitely not my choice. It was not my choice to take this cake decorating class, but I'm glad I did. My prior cake decorating technique consisted of no technique, so I've come quite a long way (baby!), after looking at the pictures you'll see that I also still have a long way to go. For just four lessons, it's amazing how much you can learn in this class. I griped and complained the whole time I was in the class simply because I really didn't have the time to squeeze it into my schedule. Now that I'm finished, I'm so glad I did it, especially because Justin and the kids are really impressed :)

So the first cake we decorated was a plain white cake with a cupcake made of frosting on top. Although the cake looks pretty simple, there was a lot of technique involved and I learned so much. The second cake had a flower design, so I have a small bouquet of pink roses in the center of mine. The third cake was supposed to be a character cake, but I since I already had a silicon pan that had an Easter egg design, I decided to make Easter egg cakes in grass. I threw the roses in only because I wanted to use and display all the techniques I learned in this class on the final cake. Unfortunately the Easter cake came out looking a little like a three-ringed circus, it just had too much on it. I'm usually much more restrained and prefer a minimal approach, but I really wanted to practice all the things we learned. Anyway, I'm all cake'd out. Tonight Justin said he was slightly disappointed that I didn't sign up for the next class because he'll miss all the cake.