Fabric Giveaway

There's a fabric giveaway at Grand Revival Designs. Check out her blog and leave a comment on the fabric giveaway post to be entered in the drawing. Good luck! If I don't win, I hope someone I know does.

Chic Mommy Finds

The wonderful Suysel at Chic Mommy Finds has featured one of my aprons on her blog! A very big thank you is in order. Please visit her website for the best information on chic baby and mommy goods. She also does lots of give-aways on her blog, so check back frequently. www.blog.chicmommyfinds.com

Eva and the English Muffin

We made Andrew an English muffin for breakfast this morning. Well he dropped it on the floor unnoticed. A few minutes later we find Eva, with muffin in hand. As it turns out, it was also the perfect opportunity for Eva to model the new outfit I made her!

Merry Thanksgiving Happy Christmas!

Thanksgiving was wonderful! We drove to Tucson on Thursday morning and spent the day with Papa, Grandma Lisa, Aunt Katy, and Papa John. The food was so delicious-- thank you Lisa! Unfortunately we didn't take a single photo. It was Eva's first Thanksgiving and we didn't get any pictures. I'm really sad about that and regretting that I didn't take 5 minutes to get a snapshot. Anyway, we drove back home later that day. Poor Eva suffered from an upset tummy, so we left at around 5pm. The next day we took Eva to see our pediatrician. She's had a horrible diaper rash that won't go away, and a runny nose. Turns out she also has an ear infection. To make things worse, she was behind on shots, so to get her caught up, she got 4 and 1 flu shot. Poor baby! Little Andrew also got a flu shot :( I don't mind getting shots myself, but it hurts to see my babies get them. Today we got the Christmas tree up and started with the other decorations. Hopefully all will be done before the weekend is up.
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Thanksgiving Eve

There's a wonderful toy drive that takes place the night before Thanksgiving. Firefighters volunteer their time and give rides in their firetrucks if you bring an unwrapped toy. We participated last year and also had so much fun this year. The cab of the firetruck is huge and you bounce around a lot. We had a blast and Andrew was able to ride twice. It was especially fun because Grandma and Grandpa showed up.

Etsy Shop Up and Running

My new Etsy shop and blog are now up and running. I will be adding new items to the shop over the next few days. Please take a peek.


Friends and family get discounts, so please contact me if there's something you're interested in.

Eva is modeling one of my new aprons. This design is now available in my shop :)

You Know You're Behind on Housework When..

Your 2 year old looks in the sink and says, "Where'd the dishes go?" So he's been used to seeing dishes in the sink this week. Monday is usually my cleaning day, but both the kids and Justin are sick. I'm still playing catch up this week. Finally got caught up on dishes and feeling good about it. Andrew keeps me on my toes...I love how 2 year olds think!

Arizona Puppet Theater

On Friday Gloria and Ashton joined us to watch The Secret Life of Bugs at Arizona Puppet Theater. The show was fantastic! They turned off the lights and performed the show in the dark. The puppets were made with an ultraviolet paint, so they glowed in the dark. Wow!

Number 14

Thank you for the comments on the hairclip. Here is the Randomly generated number: 14. The clip goes to Rohal Call who said...

Very cute! I would never guess this was your first attempt.

Please get me your address and I'll mail this out to you asap. Thanks! Susan

The Aftermath

Well, Eva only lasted to trick or treat at 2 houses. Andrew went around our neighborhood with daddy. We only had about 5 stops at our house. There aren't too many kids in the neighborhood. After Andrew got home, we dumped the candy out and spread it around us. He got a bag of popcorn and we popped that. There are popcorn pieces all over the living room floor as we speak. After all the excitement the kids had a hard time falling asleep. This morning Eva woke up first. She found Andrew's pumpkin bucket and had so much fun dumping the candy out and putting it back in. I went ahead and started checking email (my computer is in the kitchen next to where she is sitting). The next thing I know, she managed to unwrap a lollipop! - Susan

Trick or Treating

We spent about 30 minutes taking pictures and getting ready before actually going out and trick or treating. Grandma and Grandpa came over to get pictures and I'm sure their pictures are much, much better than ours. But, this is what we managed to squeeze in. Can you see Lilly in the window? - Susan

Diapers make Great Pillows too

Yup, still playing with the diapers. - Susan