The Aftermath

Well, Eva only lasted to trick or treat at 2 houses. Andrew went around our neighborhood with daddy. We only had about 5 stops at our house. There aren't too many kids in the neighborhood. After Andrew got home, we dumped the candy out and spread it around us. He got a bag of popcorn and we popped that. There are popcorn pieces all over the living room floor as we speak. After all the excitement the kids had a hard time falling asleep. This morning Eva woke up first. She found Andrew's pumpkin bucket and had so much fun dumping the candy out and putting it back in. I went ahead and started checking email (my computer is in the kitchen next to where she is sitting). The next thing I know, she managed to unwrap a lollipop! - Susan

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! I almost thought I was looking at Sofia. Too Cute. It looks as if she's thoroughly enjoying that lolli. A sweet treat for a sweet girl.

Love Ya,
Aunt Tricia