We had a playdate with my friend Jill, and two of her four kids about a week ago at the train park. So, here's the cool thing-- Jill and I went to high school together in Tucson, and actually haven't seen each other since high school. Well, about two months ago I ran into Jill at church. The church is huge-- a mega church, and it was our first time visiting. I was by the nursery dropping the kids off when I see Jill walking in my direction. We both recognized each other and said each other's names at the same time. After talking a bit, we decided to have a playdate. Schedules can be hectic, but we finally had our playdate! It's great because Andrew and Conner are a month apart, and Eva and Arran are just a few months apart.

It was so fun to talk and catch up. There are very few friends from high school that I keep up with, so this was a real treat. I'm looking forward to another playdate with Jill and her kids.

October Fun

Whew! Is it just me, or does it feel like Halloween should already be here? My gosh, the activities are endless, and boy have we had a busy month. Right now the kids and Justin are at Gma and Gpa's house for a Hoot 'n Howl party. Yesterday we went to a church fall festival and Boo at the Zoo (we went to the zoo with friends: Keely and Gracie, and Brian, Michelle, Tyler, and Lizzie). The day before we went to Starbucks for a Halloween party. Oh, and there' s quite a bit more in store this week. I love the fall and love the hustle and bustle of it all. I feel like we've been cooped up all summer, so we want to do every fun thing we can.

Here are a few photos from the last several weeks. Some are from the Museum of Natural History, some from Boo at the Zoo, and some from the Starbucks party. For some reason my camera has been giving me trouble, so I don't have other pics.

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

This is the most amazing dress! The woman behind these creations is sooooooooooo talented....I envy her skill and ambition.

Dinner with the Gilberts

My very good friend Gloria invited us over for dinner with her husband Miles, and two kids. Ashton and Brooke have had lots of playdates with Andrew and Eva, so they all get along pretty well. Gloria made a fantastic dinner! It was so much fun to have some good adult conversation, and the kids had so much fun. Thank you Gilberts!


We went to Tempe's Oktoberfest this year! The weather was awesome! This was our first outdoor event in a long time. It seems like the temperature went from the low 100s to the mid 80s all of a sudden. Anyway, we had so much fun! There was so much stuff for the kids to do. A kinderfest was set up with lots of games, toys, and arts/crafts. Of course there was lots of live music, good food, plenty of beer, and some rides.

Pump It Up

The day after Alyssa's birthday party, Andrew went to another birthday party. One of his friends in preschool invited all the kids to his party at another bounce play. He had a blast and it was quite fun getting to know the kids and their parents outside of school.

Alyssa's Birthday Party

We celebrated our friend Alyssa's third birthday at Bounce U about a week and a half ago. This was the kids first time at a bounce place. Can I just say....fearless! Andrew and Eva were all over the big slides and into every bounce spot. It was a blast to watch them. We had a great time. The cupcakes were delicious- can you tell that Alyssa enjoyed hers? Happy Birthday Alyssa!