Oh we are quickly approaching Eva's second birthday and I wanted to write some of Eva's notable sayings and doings. Her language skills have leaped over the last 6 weeks and this girl chatters up a storm. Here are some of my faves:

-"My do it"
-"No"....(but if she really means it) ..."No way".....(and if she really, really means it)..."Nobody"
-"Tummy hurts" (when she doesn't want to eat anymore. No, her tummy doesn't hurt but she wants to get down)
-"Bro" (this is what she calls Andrew, but has also recently started saying Andrew)
-"Mommy cute" (self explanatory!)
-she doesn't just say "sorry," she yells it
-"cutie's here" and then she'll say "from Emo" (a quote from the beginning of Nemo, but I also love that Eva includes the reference when she says this)
-"Eva sleep mommy bed"

-She loves the songs Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Itsy Bitsy Spider, and loves to hear them sung at bedtime.
-loves for mommy and daddy to read her books :)
-loves baby dolls-- the ones that looks like babies, not girls- and she loves to give them a bottle
-loves to "help" mommy in the kitchen
-she is starting to learn her abc's
-she can count to 8-- but then get stuck and says "7 8 7 8 7 8"-- can't seem to get past that darn 8!
-she loves to draw and do crafts
-she is getting very good at taking turns
-likes Barney, Nemo, Elmo
-she's very strong-willed, determined, confident, persistent-- remind you of anyone you know (wink)?
-she loves to cuddle and snuggle- always wants to be held :)

Happy Belated Birthday Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Tricia

Wishing you a wonderful thirty something birthday! Hope you had a good year and hope the next one is even better!

Ralph's World Concert in Tucson

Andrew and Eva l-o-v-e Ralph's World. His music has been played many times on the Disney Channel, although we first heard his music at Border's storytime. We have one of his CD/DVDs and we listen to it often, usually dancing and jumping along. His music is so fun, imaginative, and is enjoyed by both kids and adults. I recently discovered that the tour route included a venue in Tucson (none in Phoenix), so be bought tickets and drove to Tucson this weekend. We stayed with Gma Lisa and Aunt Katy (Gpa is in Seattle) on Friday night and then attended the concert on Saturday morning. The kids were exhausted and unfortunately fell asleep towards the end.

The audience was great and danced around- the employees from a local toy store were there to lead the kids along in dancing. Ralph even let all the kids go on the stage with him at the end of the show. He was even graciously agreed to take a picture with us.

As If There Wasn't Enough Halloween Stuff..

The morning after Halloween, there was a Halloween party at Pecos Park. We attended this event last year and had a good time with the Gilberts, so we decided to meet them there again. All of the attractions were free, including 3 jumping houses, games, and a costume contest. Andrew and Ashton won prizes in the costume contest. It was a fun day spent with good friends. Thank you Gloria, Ashton, and Brooke!

Halloween Day

What a fun, but exhausting day! In the morning we met Brooke and Gloria at Borders for a special storytime. Then that evening we trick-or-treated around around neighborhood, and then ended with a block party at our next day neighbors Tara and Gary's house. The children had so much fun playing, the snacks were good, and it was just plain fun to talk to the neighbors. Our neighborhood is so friendly, and we already knew most of the people there, but it was fun to get us all together at the same time. Not to mention that the weather was glorious!

Andrew's School Halloween Party

Yes, these Halloween pics are late. Just finally got a few minutes to put them up. It's all such a long, slow process with my camera, so bear with me.

The day before Halloween was Andrew's class party to which parents were invited. After their snack, the kids wore their costumes and then had a costume parade with all the other classes in the courtyard. Unfortunately Andrew didn't want to participate in the parade, which is too bad because he was so cute in his spacesuit costume.