Oh we are quickly approaching Eva's second birthday and I wanted to write some of Eva's notable sayings and doings. Her language skills have leaped over the last 6 weeks and this girl chatters up a storm. Here are some of my faves:

-"My do it"
-"No"....(but if she really means it) ..."No way".....(and if she really, really means it)..."Nobody"
-"Tummy hurts" (when she doesn't want to eat anymore. No, her tummy doesn't hurt but she wants to get down)
-"Bro" (this is what she calls Andrew, but has also recently started saying Andrew)
-"Mommy cute" (self explanatory!)
-she doesn't just say "sorry," she yells it
-"cutie's here" and then she'll say "from Emo" (a quote from the beginning of Nemo, but I also love that Eva includes the reference when she says this)
-"Eva sleep mommy bed"

-She loves the songs Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Itsy Bitsy Spider, and loves to hear them sung at bedtime.
-loves for mommy and daddy to read her books :)
-loves baby dolls-- the ones that looks like babies, not girls- and she loves to give them a bottle
-loves to "help" mommy in the kitchen
-she is starting to learn her abc's
-she can count to 8-- but then get stuck and says "7 8 7 8 7 8"-- can't seem to get past that darn 8!
-she loves to draw and do crafts
-she is getting very good at taking turns
-likes Barney, Nemo, Elmo
-she's very strong-willed, determined, confident, persistent-- remind you of anyone you know (wink)?
-she loves to cuddle and snuggle- always wants to be held :)

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