Ralph's World Concert in Tucson

Andrew and Eva l-o-v-e Ralph's World. His music has been played many times on the Disney Channel, although we first heard his music at Border's storytime. We have one of his CD/DVDs and we listen to it often, usually dancing and jumping along. His music is so fun, imaginative, and is enjoyed by both kids and adults. I recently discovered that the tour route included a venue in Tucson (none in Phoenix), so be bought tickets and drove to Tucson this weekend. We stayed with Gma Lisa and Aunt Katy (Gpa is in Seattle) on Friday night and then attended the concert on Saturday morning. The kids were exhausted and unfortunately fell asleep towards the end.

The audience was great and danced around- the employees from a local toy store were there to lead the kids along in dancing. Ralph even let all the kids go on the stage with him at the end of the show. He was even graciously agreed to take a picture with us.

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