So Yummmmmmyyyyyyy

Oh my word, these are soooooo good! You can find the recipe for these Chewy Chunky Blondies here
I didn't add the coconut or the nuts, but the did put in the butterscotch chips which were awesome. By the way, that beautiful plate under those bars is a gift from Linda in Portugal. Thank you!

It's All About the Sugar

Here Andrew and Eva are practically inhaling their Valentine's Day candy!

Build A Bear

As part of Andrew's Birthday celebration(s) I took him to Build A Bear for the first time. I really wanted to wait to take him there until he was old enough to appreciate the experience. Well we really had a good time. Of course it was difficult to decide which cutie to take home, but he finally decided on the dinosaur we have lovingly named Spike. In addition to making the bear, he also LOVED typing the birth cert information on the computer. The child loves computers and electronics. Then Andrew and Eva had a great time at the play area.

San Diego Beach Photos Continued

Good Night Moon in Pajamas

I took Andrew to the see the pajama matinee of Good Night Moon play. W.O.W. It was great! It was a play built around the Good Night Moon book and it was so very well done. The set was great, the actors were great, the story was great. The theater was also awesome. Childsplay, the production company, puts on different shows at the Tempe Center for Performing Arts, a new facility on Tempe Lake. The theater is new, modern, and well designed. On the courtyard, there is a water feature that compliments the background of the lake. While we were there after the play yesterday, a band was playing on the courtyard and Andrew and I sat there watching boats on the lake and planes flying overhead. It was such a great Mommy date. Oh, the bonus was that there was a drawing for prizes and Andrew won tickets for a future play. Yippee.

Pony Tail

Eva was born with soooo much hair! It's quite long now. When her hair's wet, to goes halfway down her back. Whenever we go out, people always comment on how much hair she has and how long it is. I love it, but the maintenance is pretty hard. She always gets gunk in it every time she eats and it seems often to be wet, because she still drools (especially now while she's teething). I have tried putting it in a ponytail before but it wasn't long enough. Hooray, it is finally long enough now!

Mission Beach

Here are some beach photos from my memory card. Still need to get Justin's, but in the meantime, Enjoy!

Fun in San Diego

Here are photos from San Diego. We spent the first day driving and we made pretty good time. The kids did great except for the last hour. Eva was ready to get OUT of her carseat and cried all the way in to San Diego. We drove directly to the beach. The kids were so excited and ran right into the water. The weather was really pleasant, but hadn't packed swimsuits, so we stripped the kids down to their pants and let them play in the sand. Loads of fun. We got dinner and then headed to the hotel. The hotel was really great. If you're in San Diego anytime soon, we highly recommend the Hilton San Diego Resort. The rooms were newly refurbished and the lobby was under construction, and soon to be beautiful. The hotel is on Mission Bay, about 5 minutes from Sea World and close to freeways and the beach. The best part was that there were 4 parks within 5 minutes so we always had a place to take the kids.

On Sunday we took the kids to the zoo. Justin and I haven't been there since we were kids, so it was fun to now see it through Andrew's eyes. Loads of fun there.

On Monday we went to Sea World. Boy, that was the best decision- to go on a Monday. It wasn't that crowded, so we didn't have lots of lines and we didn't have to fight for seats to see shows. Sea World was definitely the best part of the trip. Andrew and I most enjoyed feeding the dolphins! He also loved riding in the Skytram. During the dolphin show we bought some cotton candy. This was Andrew's first encounter with this stuff. He totally went to town on it and nearly ate the whole bag!

We drove back on Tuesday. After we left the hotel, we drove to the beach. Again, the kids had a blast.

All in all, a fantastic family vacation! More pictures to come (some are on Justin's memory card).
We love you.