Fun in San Diego

Here are photos from San Diego. We spent the first day driving and we made pretty good time. The kids did great except for the last hour. Eva was ready to get OUT of her carseat and cried all the way in to San Diego. We drove directly to the beach. The kids were so excited and ran right into the water. The weather was really pleasant, but hadn't packed swimsuits, so we stripped the kids down to their pants and let them play in the sand. Loads of fun. We got dinner and then headed to the hotel. The hotel was really great. If you're in San Diego anytime soon, we highly recommend the Hilton San Diego Resort. The rooms were newly refurbished and the lobby was under construction, and soon to be beautiful. The hotel is on Mission Bay, about 5 minutes from Sea World and close to freeways and the beach. The best part was that there were 4 parks within 5 minutes so we always had a place to take the kids.

On Sunday we took the kids to the zoo. Justin and I haven't been there since we were kids, so it was fun to now see it through Andrew's eyes. Loads of fun there.

On Monday we went to Sea World. Boy, that was the best decision- to go on a Monday. It wasn't that crowded, so we didn't have lots of lines and we didn't have to fight for seats to see shows. Sea World was definitely the best part of the trip. Andrew and I most enjoyed feeding the dolphins! He also loved riding in the Skytram. During the dolphin show we bought some cotton candy. This was Andrew's first encounter with this stuff. He totally went to town on it and nearly ate the whole bag!

We drove back on Tuesday. After we left the hotel, we drove to the beach. Again, the kids had a blast.

All in all, a fantastic family vacation! More pictures to come (some are on Justin's memory card).
We love you.


Anonymous said...


Those are some fun pictures! Oh, how I miss the beach. I LOVE the picture of the kids posing as bugs! That was my absolute favorite picture of all.

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Aunt Tricia

The Downtown Boutique said...

What beautiful and precious memories you have here! I've never been to San Diego, but we are hoping to get down there this Spring/Summer. It looks as if you had a wonderful time! I love all the photos!