What $6 Can Buy You!

These sold over the weekend. After it was all said and done, I made $260!

I found these a few months ago. These tiles are beautiful and I've seen them in different galleries in Florida and Ohio, so I knew they were valuable. At the time I also fell in love with this artist's work, but never bought any tiles. They are Sid Dickens tiles, and apparently these are retired ones. Well I purchased them for $3 each. (Oh, I might add that the woman who sold them to me also threw in two beautiful lamp shades-- so this was a really good deal!) Justin and I put them up in our bedroom for a while, but decided that we'd like to see how much we could get for them. They're now on ebay...wonder how much this $6 investment will bring????
You can see them here and here.

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jesus gypsies said...

That is just so unfair! Good job :) You are quite the garage sale shopper/money maker!!!