My Very Generous MIL

Yesterday my mother-in-law surprised me with a very generous gift. She called me and asked if I'd be home for the next 30 minutes, when I said yes, she said, " Oh good, cause I'm playing Santa Claus." When she arrived, the kids just snatched the gift bag out of her hand and we had to tell them to slow down, the gift wasn't for them. Polly, my MIL said that the gift was an Advent gift for me. Justin and I are taking a trip to Santa Fe in a couple of weeks, just the two of us for four days, and Polly said she wanted to get me something for the trip.

Inside the package was the most beautiful blouse! It's the kind of shirt I would admire at a store, but would never splurge on for myself. The blouse looks really pretty in the picture, but the picture does not do it justice, it's much prettier in person. In addition, there was also a gift card to Anthropologie. Polly insists that I go shopping before our trip so I can pick up something really special, and she's even offered to babysit the kids while I shop. This woman is so good to me!