Linda's Camera

Borrowed Linda's great camera to get some shots of the kids. We like what it produced. Here's a sampling...


Yeah! Justin turned 36 today....happy birthday to you! We had a wonderful family day, starting out with (Justin's favorite) coffee from Coffee Beanery. Then we went to the car wash (Andrew's favorite). We spent the day playing (Eva's favorite) then had Garlic Jim's pizza for dinner (Susan's favorite). Andrew helped make the cake.

A break from the heat!

We decided to get out of the heavy Phoenix heat and head to the hills. From Tuesday to Thursday we hid out in the cool mountains at Justin's parent's cabin in Payson. It was loads of fun!

Water water everywhere Water near and far....

From the baby einstein book. Anyways, here are some photos of the kids at the sprinkler park.

Ezra and Sofia were our guests for the weekend

We had so much fun taking care of Ezra and Sofia while their parents were at a retreat this weekend. Andrew LOVES his cousins. We played with water, sand, bubbles, cars, and slides-- hey, that was just on the first day!

Vintage dresses

These dresses belonged to Grandma Polly. Her grandmothers made them for her and they have been well taken care of so that Eva can model them for us all.