Trying to get into the Fall Spirit

I can't believe it's already fall, especially since it's still so stinkin' hot! There are several projects that we are holding off until it cools down a bit. At this point, even 90 degrees sounds good-- I'm just ready to get out of this 100 degree weather.

It's hard to even consider Halloween, but I'm trying to get in the mood. I'm posting some pictures from the Halloween party we threw last year. It was a blast, but sadly, I have to finally admit that my house is just too small to host these kinds of shin-digs. I am toying with the idea of having another Halloween party this year, but if we do, it'll be at a park.

I'm also posting these photos because Linda contacted me the other day so I could send some Halloween/Fall themed items to her since she is also considering a Halloween party. When we talked on the phone it was really fun to reminisce about the fun party ideas I had, so I wanted to share the photos of them.

The party food was great-- we had eyeballs on sticks, apple fangs, frankenstein jello cups, monster fingers, cupcakes, green goo, and much more. My friend Gloria very generously let me borrow her bounce house, so that was set up in the backyard. We also had several crafts and games for the kids to play. Almost everyone came dressed up. The funniest costume was worn by Justin-- my next door neighbor insisted that he dress up so she loaned him a cow costume. I still have fun teasing him about that.