Sales + Coupons = $5.64

Good sales at Albertsons. I know there are many, many moms out there that can get way more for under $6, but I'm still pretty pleased with this outcome :)

The kids and I will enjoy the veggies and the yogurt, and Justin will be glad to take the pizza rolls and the desserts for work snacks.

Happy Birthday Mia!

Happy 3rd Birthday! Hope you have soooo much fun today :)

Blogs of Late

Sorry it's been (what seems like) forever since my last post. Unfortunately I've had lots of trouble uploading photos from my camera, so I have no new photos, and since I don't like posts without pictures, I've just haven't written anything. Justin's working on the problem, hopefully he'll work it out soon; especially because my father-in-law and mother-in-law (FIL and MIL) bought me an awesome photo printer for my birthday. Yeah, they're great. Yeah, I love 'em. They also completed the gift with extra ink and extra photo paper. I am just itching to print out pictures and especially the ones with all the nieces and nephews that visited this summer.

Anyway, I have found some really fun, clever, beautiful blogs the last several months and I thought I'd share. I think I kind of need to also update the blog list to the left, but I'll save that for another day.

Centsational Girl
Katie Did

Centsational Girl has great design and DIY projects. She can really inspire you to tackle home projects. Armelle has a beautiful jewelry and just has overall great style. Made boasts of great home-made clothing, especially for kids. Katie Did also has lots of crafts and sewing. Finally, Stephmodo is one of my all-time favorites. The blogger/mom has great style, she's a foodie, and her family just purchased a second home in France and recently her updates have been about the amazing renovation.


Happy Birthday Lauren!

Hope you had a terrific birthday!