So Yummmmmmyyyyyyy

Oh my word, these are soooooo good! You can find the recipe for these Chewy Chunky Blondies here
I didn't add the coconut or the nuts, but the did put in the butterscotch chips which were awesome. By the way, that beautiful plate under those bars is a gift from Linda in Portugal. Thank you!


jesus gypsies said...

MMMMMMMM! Those look delicious! I love butterscotch anything! It makes me SO jealous that I can't get some of the items right off hand like I could in America... oh well :) life goes on... but I would like to taste one of those blondies! And that plate looks cute! Glad you liked it :)

Elsita :) said...

Thank you sooo much Susan for the link!!!
They really look yummy!!!!
I will make them with my little girl!
Elsita :)