Good Night Moon in Pajamas

I took Andrew to the see the pajama matinee of Good Night Moon play. W.O.W. It was great! It was a play built around the Good Night Moon book and it was so very well done. The set was great, the actors were great, the story was great. The theater was also awesome. Childsplay, the production company, puts on different shows at the Tempe Center for Performing Arts, a new facility on Tempe Lake. The theater is new, modern, and well designed. On the courtyard, there is a water feature that compliments the background of the lake. While we were there after the play yesterday, a band was playing on the courtyard and Andrew and I sat there watching boats on the lake and planes flying overhead. It was such a great Mommy date. Oh, the bonus was that there was a drawing for prizes and Andrew won tickets for a future play. Yippee.

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a pajama matinee. How fun! It looks beautiful there, too.