Merry Thanksgiving Happy Christmas!

Thanksgiving was wonderful! We drove to Tucson on Thursday morning and spent the day with Papa, Grandma Lisa, Aunt Katy, and Papa John. The food was so delicious-- thank you Lisa! Unfortunately we didn't take a single photo. It was Eva's first Thanksgiving and we didn't get any pictures. I'm really sad about that and regretting that I didn't take 5 minutes to get a snapshot. Anyway, we drove back home later that day. Poor Eva suffered from an upset tummy, so we left at around 5pm. The next day we took Eva to see our pediatrician. She's had a horrible diaper rash that won't go away, and a runny nose. Turns out she also has an ear infection. To make things worse, she was behind on shots, so to get her caught up, she got 4 and 1 flu shot. Poor baby! Little Andrew also got a flu shot :( I don't mind getting shots myself, but it hurts to see my babies get them. Today we got the Christmas tree up and started with the other decorations. Hopefully all will be done before the weekend is up.
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

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Papa said...

We were so glad you all came down for the day on Thanksgiving. It is always a treat to have you here. Hope Eva is feeling better. Love you,Dad