Green Goo Cupcakes

Andrew totally loved making these! Often he likes to bake, but doesn't eat much of it. Certainly he enjoys candy, but he eats very little of the baked stuff. Well, not this time. He kept asking for these. The cupcakes don't photograph very well, but they look pretty cool in person. Here's how you make these little gems:

Bake standard cupcakes and let cool. (I usually make 1 dz cupcakes and put the other half of the batter in a round cake pan for a regular cake).
Put a light layer of frosting on the cupcakes.
Cut marshmallows in half. It's fun to cut them in various sizes.
Microwave frosting for 10-30 seconds (depending on your mic). You want the consistency to be slightly runny, but not soupy.
Mix in 4 drops of green food coloring to the frosting.
Place marshmallows randomly over cupcakes and then drizzle the frosting.
Goooooey fun!

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