Thursday Afternoon at the Zoo

It was such a beautiful winter day that we decided to spend the afternoon at the zoo. Normally we head to the zoo in the mornings, but since it was quite a bit cooler (in the 50s), we decided to go in the afternoon. I loaded up the kids after Eva's nap and we trekked over to see the animals. The first stop was Sting Ray Bay. Wow. The kids had so much fun! The water was nice and warm, and the kids leaned over the wall to try to pet the sting rays. Andrew was quite scared to touch them at first, but one got really close to him, which totally spooked and excited him at the same time. Even Eva was into the experience. She tried to lean over and put her hands in the water too. The girl is fearless (not that the sting rays are at all dangerous-- quite the opposite, they're very friendly). We also visited the giraffes, monkeys, otters, flamingos, zebras, and we fed ducks, played in the tree house, and looked at the koi pond. What joy to see the kids having so much fun!


jesus gypsies said...

Oh what fun!!! The Phoenix Zoo is such a blast. That is one of the places I actually miss in Phoenix! You and the kids look so cute :)

Anonymous said...

How fun! Those are great pictures. I especially like the last one of the 3 of you! Adorable.