Eva Likes Chi Chi

Eva likes kim chi, that is. Oh, be still my half Korean heart.

I finally went to the Asian market yesterday after a long time away. It's inevitable that I spend a load of money when there, so I've been very careful about not going too often, and then suddenly it seems that I haven't been there in about 7 or 8 months. Yikes! It's almost unheard of me going without Korean food for that long, but somehow it happened. Anyways, I could actually feel my mouth watering when I unpacked the groceries. I had kim chi wtih lunch and dinner. Justin also had kim chi with his dinner. While he was eating, Eva showed interest so he gave her a piece. We anxiously watched her eat it, and then devour it. For the next 20 minutes she kept asking for chi chi. Seriously, it's a sense of pride for a Korean mother to have children who like kim chi.

Unfortunately, Andrew intensely avoids anything spicy. However, I am teaching him a song in Korean :)

Oh yeah, Eva looks pretty rough in these photos. On Wednesdays the kids get ice cream from the ice cream truck and then they eat it in the backyard after dinner. So, Wednesday nights are pretty messy around here.

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Anonymous said...

That is so great! I never thought to let Mia try it. I miss Korean food so much.

Eva's such a cutie!

Aunt Tricia