Andrew's First Day of Preschool

Andrew started preschool this week. His first day was Thursday and he was pretty reluctant to go. Fortunately he has great teachers and the preschool has wonderful facilities. When we first arrived we took the kids to the playroom and even Eva was allowed to play for a few minutes. Andrew didn't want me to leave and cried when I left. Later when I picked him up, the teachers said he cried for about 5 minutes and then did fine after that. What a relief! Justin and I can't believe our little one is in school!


Jen said...

The pictures are precious!

Great job Andrew, you're such a big boy! :)

Linda said...

Susan, I got your blog sight from Jason and Linda's blog. I love seeing the pictures you have posted! Your kids are getting so big I can hardly believe it! Much love, Linda G. - Older