We've Been Busy

We had quite a busy summer. Andrew took swim classes for a part of the summer, Andrew and Eva took music classes, and we've had various playdates and activities in between a little bit of traveling.

In addition to preschool recently starting, the kids are also enrolled in a tumbling class. Oh, they love rolling around and getting their energy out. Although this class is for 3-5 year olds, Eva is keeping up (at the ripe age of 20 months) with everyone. She wasn't originally signed up for it, but the teacher has graciously allowed us to enroll her.

The summer has been filled with water activities and swimming. We don't have a pool of our own, but it seems that the kids have managed to swim during a good part of it; mostly because we spend a lot of time at Gma and Gpa's house. Andrew is getting quite good and can swim about 10 feet on his own, thanks to swim class. At Gma's house he wears a vest that helps him float and he moves about the pool freely and safely.

Since it's soooooo hot here, we are always in search of indoor activities, so we often go to various storytimes. The one at Borders here is excellent, as the host, Ms. Marty is a former teacher and relates so well to the kids. It's always a pleasure to participate there.


jesus gypsies said...

Thanks for finally posting some pictures :) It was fun for the cousins to see the pictures of your kids.

Anonymous said...

Those are fun pictures! You guys have been real busy. Andrew is so expressive in his pictures. Eva looks like a doll!!!

Aunt Tricia