Gorgeous Vintage

On the Babyccino blog this morning, one of the contributors wrote about a company that sells beautiful vintage baby clothing. Everything on the site is absolutely gorgeous! I love every single piece for sale, but I don't love the price tag. I do, however, feel inspired to head out to some antique shops on a quest to find some pieces for Eva. The only vintage pieces she has are from her grandmother (Justin's mom)-- two dresses that Polly wore as an infant. These are so beloved to us and we're grateful to have them. But the only times Eva wore them were for a couple of photos because we didn't want to damage them, and now she's outgrown them.

Anyway I'm now on a quest to find some of these vintage beauties. In the meanwhile, check out Belle Heir to look at the beautiful little outfits.

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Thanks for sharing. That dress is beautiful.