Christmas Card Photo Shoot

I got the kids up this morning and dressed them. It was Christmas photo time and we had to get on the ball. Although it was quite chilly, we made the kids go in the backyard in their holiday get-up to have their photos taken. There were a few really cute ones. It's very easy to take Eva's picture, but Andrew always gives me silly faces, so there weren't as many keepers for him. Overall we're pleased with these and the cards have been ordered, and I plan to send them out this week.


Jen said...

So cute!!! You did a great job. :) You're Eva is such a little doll, she always looks so sweet in the pictures you take!

Jen said...

I meant..."You're RIGHT, Eva is...." oops ;)

Anonymous said...

Those are great photos, Susan! Eva and Andrew look ADORABLE!!! Thanks for a sneak peek.

Aunt Tricia