Oooey- gooey fun!

We finally put our gingerbread house together last night. Andrew asked if it was a big one like last year, but when I showed him the kit, he said, "no, that one's small." (psst-- it's the same kind as last year). Oh well, small it is, but it still took us an hour to decorate. This is mostly because at least half of the candy ended up in Andrew's and Eva's mouths...I think they ate more candy last night than they did on Halloween night.

In one photo, you can see Eva holding the frosting bag with one hand and a knife (child's knife-- not sharp) in her mouth. Yes, she was scraping the frosting out of the bag with her knife and then having a frosting feast.

Somehow the gingerbread house got finished and now I'm trying to keep it intact until Christmas. Although, for some reason some of the candy around the edges seems to be disappearing....

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