Great News! My baby sister is engaged!!!! Brian proposed to Diana while on a recent trip to Las Vegas for his birthday. Susan and I are both very excited about this and can't wait to get more details. Right now everything is in the early planning stages, but it is just too exciting!

The weather out here recently has been somewhat exciting as well. The first Tropical Storm of the season was named yesterday. Christobol probably won't bring much, but we have had lots of fun rain locally. For about an hour yesterday the lightning was so frequent that it seemed as if a spotlight was shining through our window.

In more aggravating than exciting news, I recently had issues with my phone. Who knew 44 ounces of Coca Cola dumped on a Kyocera 6035 would cause problems? Well I guess pretty much everybody could figure that out. After letting the phone dry for a couple of days, everything seemed to be in working order. However, after a week the cola did its magic and turned the circuit board into swiss cheese. Well, not completely, but the damage from the corrosion did a number on the phone and forced me to replace it. Susan was happy to have me all to herself while I waited for my replacement phone to arrive. Now that it is here, I must make sure to spend quality time with my girlfriend and not the phone!

Damaging the phone of course happened at completely the wrong time. Kyocera is coming out with the next generation smart phone in just a few months. So after spending so much to replace my current one, it looks like I won't be one of those standing in line to get it the day it comes out. Now if only one were to magically appear? ;)

Our quality time activity tonight will be sorting through pictures and scanning them in. We will be adding another couple of galleries in the next few days. The question then becomes, how long is our definition of a day? Hopefully we will also come up with some captions to help better explain some of the photos.

Well it is raining again, so I am off to sit on the couch, read a few articles and watch the storm roll in off the ocean. Why spend time in front of the computer when the skies are storming?

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