So (after much pestering from Justin) I am here to write more stuff. It's Sunday and after church, we had an extremely lazy day sitting in front of the tele watching sports. Now I'm at the end of a terribly relaxing and wonderful 3 day weekend (I also had Friday off :) We've spent a lot of time, as of late, discussing our plans for the future. It's official that we miss Arizona very much and have taken the idea of moving back in November into consideration, but we decided that it doesn't make sense for us to do that right now. That means we are looking for places to move (locally), since we can't justify spending the $ we do for our place now. Now we're looking for a place on the ocean, or perhaps the intercoastal, but hope to spend a few hundred less. Especially since we have a lot of travel plans coming up: A trip to Key West in October, a cruise in November, Portugal in March, Phoenix in May, and Phoenix again in the Spring. Yikes! No matter what we decide to do, we'll let ya all know as soon as possible. Much love. Susan

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