Last week was my birthday, and we had a wonderful time celebrating. I worked in the morning, but when I got home in the afternoon, Justin was in the final stages of putting a bookshelf together. Of course this was a bookshelf I've had my eye on, so he was very sweet to get it. Then, we just decided to open up a few of my gifts right then. Later than night we went to dinner, to a cute little place in downtown Hollywood called Argentango. Great food! Great ambiance!

So now, Justin and I are getting ready for a new house guest. My dad is flying in from Arizona tomorrow morning, and we're trying to tidy up and get things somewhat neat. We're definitely looking forward to the visit. When we have visitors, we also get to feel like we're on vacation, because we visit new tourist places that we haven't been to before. Well, we'll update you on his visit later.

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