Kate Weds

Beautiful Kate wedded handsome Brian last night at Gainey Ranch. The wedding was gorgeous with perfect weather. Oh, I love weddings! This was definitely a family affair. Dan, my father-in-law, retired pastor, officiated the wedding. By he way, my mother-in-law and father-in-law live next door to Kate's parents, so the kids have grown up together. Ryan, Kate's brother, and Tara, Ryan's wife and Kate's sister-in-law, were also in the wedding, with their daughter Riley as the flower girl. I watch their son Ryder on Wednesdays, so we're pretty close to their family. Gloria and Miles were also at the wedding. Miles owns an entertainment company and was the DJ for the night (by the way, he did a great job. If anyone ever needs an entertainment co for a party, definitely go with them). Miles is also Tara's brother. Miles' wife Gloria is a good friend of mine and we do play dates a few times a month. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were also there. Whew. Even though we are not related to Kate, she and her family are definitely extended family. Because of all the relationships between our families, we see each other several times throughout the year at various family functions. Anyway, it was great to have everyone in one place to celebrate the marriage of a really great couple.

Kate and Brian said their own vows, and their words were so touching. They definitely communicated their love. The wedding was also filled with lightness and humor, which reflects the couple's personalities, and their families as well. George, Kate's dad, gave a great 7 page (!) toast, which was a riot of course. He's a retired professor at ASU, so he's comfortable speaking to a crowd.

All in all, a great wedding. I even got Justin on the dance floor a few times! But 2 glasses of wine and I am nursing a headache today!

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Anonymous said...

It's great to be connected to people you love and admire. It sounds so blissful.

You'll have to post photos, please!

Ahhhh...dancing sounds like a good idea!

Hope you feel better.