Wedding Photos

So, here are some of the wedding photos. They're not very good, because the lighting was difficult and it was crowded! There was lots of competition to get photos, I mean, there were like 5 pro photographers walking around plus everyone else was also trying to get their photos. Anyway, I'm glad I did capture a few precious moments. After Kate walked down the stairs and met with George, her dad, they hugged and had a few beautiful moments. Then, while Tara was walking down the aisle, Ryan just proudly and lovingly stared at his wife. Just after the wedding the wedding party was busy taking pictures, but we got a few cute shots in. During the reception I was able to get a pic of Gloria and her husband Miles dancing across the room from us.

Oh, I just love weddings. Needless to say, my tearducts were gushing before anyone even walked down the aisle. I especially let loose when I saw Ryan getting teary-eyed watching his sister.
There was such much love in the air! Especially from Kate and Brian...they are so in love and it radiated all over their faces.

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