26 hours and up to 6 cm.

26 hours and up to 6 cm.

Well we have now been at the hospital for 26 hours. We are starting to see some progress, which is good news for a change. Susan is dialated up to 6 cm now and is having contractions every 2-4 minutes. The strength of the contractions has also increased as they are now noticably visible on the monitoring paper. The baby's heart beat remains steady at about 125 beats per minute when he is sleeping and about 145 beats per minute when he wakes up. The nurses and doctors have all commented when viewing his chart that "He is a textbook example of a healthy baby." I guess I was just reading all the wrong textbooks; I assmumed "textbook example" would mean he would be born by now!

On a seperate note, the hospital cafeteria is giving away free ice cream sundaes today in honor of Mardi Gras. Neither Susan or I are quite sure if it is weird that a Catholic hospital is celebrating Mardi Gras. We are certain however that a baby on Fat Tuesday will be just fine with us.

Our goal right now is 10 by 10!


Dan said...

Just, Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday began with the Catholics! But we celebrate it too, especially when a new fat baby boy is born!

I've got a finance committee meeting, so You'll probably get mom at home first. Waiting expectantly

Anonymous said...

have been "watching" the delivery all day from work... anxiously awaiting the big event... but need to leave soon, so guess i will have to continue "watching" from my cell phone...

look forward to receiving your birth announcement!

kiera's daddy (aka, jim)