Long Night

Long Night

Well last night started off very interesting. About 2 o'clock the nurse came in and took Andrew to be weighed. About 45 minutes later Susan woke up and the baby still had not come back. A quick call to the nurse revealed that Andrew was having difficulty breathing. (Still not sure why the nurse did not tell Susan right away what was happening.)

Apparently something got into one of his lungs and his breath rate was twice what it should be. Andrew was moved tothe Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for oxygen and x-rays. It appears that he swallowed some amniotic fluid and that is what was causing the problem. Last night he was breathing around 80-100 times a minute and should have been around 40-60 times a minute. After a little help with the oxygen Andrew was able to clear out his lungs enough to get his breathing rate back down by this morning. He is doing great now and if we can get him to feed twice in a row we may be able to take him back up to Susans room. He will have to stay in the hospital for at least two days while he has an IV of anti-biotics and waits for his blood culture to come back.

All in all it was more scary for Mom and Dad than anything else. But now everything is pretty much back to normal.

By the way, our room phone number is 513-***-****. Although we are not always in our room, we spend as much time as possible up at the NICU.

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I'm glad Andrew is doing better..