Happy to be home

Ahhhhh.... It's good to be home. The first week with Andrew has been a really wonderful and challenging experience. When we left the hospital we knew that the concerns over his breathing/oxygen and the blood cultures for infection were all fine. It seems that it all resolved itself. We were released even though he still had a moderately high level of jaundice, although the doctor thought he would push through it without treatment. Unfortunately Andrew is a very sleepy baby because of the jaundice, circumcision, and all the trauma the first couple days of life. His sleepiness made feeding times a real chore, since I had to put him through acrobatics to wake him up. It often took 20-30 minutes just to rouse him, then I had to try breast feeding for 15 minutes, then I had to supplement with formula, then I had to pump breast milk for 15 minutes. Needless to say, the routine was very exhausting, because once I was finished with one feeding, I'd have to start the process all over again. It was such a worrying time because we weren't sure that he was getting enough food, which was critically important so that he would have enough dierI was also so concerned because I really wanted to breast feed, but I was afraid that with the bottle supplement, that he would end up prefering the bottle. Fortunately my milk supply came in and I am now breast feeding exclusively. Life has gotten easier!! I'm still tired, and don't get enough sleep, but we're getting a routine and I enjoy my quiet time with him. Feeding has become a pleasure.

It's so much fun to watch this little baby. He's just so darn cute. Justin and I are so sad that our friends and family are too far to share in his early stages of life. We'll just continue with lots of photos so everyone can keep up with his development. Motherhood is so wonderful and fulfilling.

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