"Don't worry Mom!"

I now understand the futility behind that statement. Made so many times over the years as I was growing up, but it has absolutely no effect. No matter how slight the problem, a parent can't help but worry.

So here is our morning status. The blood cultures came back and everything was fine. No infections and Andrew can stop the antibiotics. Which is good cause it was a shot in the leg every 6 hours that he was never happy with.

Now, however there is a different problem. His bilirubin count is too high. (This is what is causing the jaundice and making him look like our Yellow M&M) It is supposed to at least be under 12 and it is at 12.8 this morning. So we are waiting for the pediatrician to stop by to let us know how much longer Andrew will need to stay at the hospital. It may be a thing where he just needs to be put under a light for a few hours and then we can take him home with a special blanket. Or we may have to stay awhile longer.

The good news is that he has been taking in some food. This will help him clear out the bilirubin that is making him so tired. We had problems during the day all yesterday trying to wake him up to eat. As soon as Mom would hold him, little Andrew would settle right down and go back to sleep. By nightfall however we were able to keep him awake long enough to eat and he is showing good progress. Hopefully if he continues to eat he will start to clear out the bilirubin and we can go home!

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